Antoine d´Abbadie eta mende amaierako mugimendu euskaltzalea

Antoine d'Abbadie 1897-1997. Congrès International = Ezohiko Kongresua


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Donostia-San Sebastián

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Antoine d´Abbadie, whose life covers the whole of the 19th century, is fully integrated in that century, as is demonstrated by his interest in science, his traveler´s zeal and his work as a patron. One of his main concerns was to conserve the language and culture of the Basque Country, to which he dedicated part of his time and money. Besides having been the initiator of the Floral Games and their main sponsor in the northern Basque provinces, d´Abbadie occupies a central position in the Basque cultural Renaissance because of his effort to rally the Basque language experts of the northern and southern Basque provinces around a systematic linguistic work and around the figure of Prince Luis Lucien Bonaparte and because he introduced the Floral Games or Basque festivities in the south of the Basque Country, in co-operatiion with the Basque Association of Navarre.
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