RIEV, 67.2: Artificial Intelligence



RIEV, 67.2: Artificial Intelligence

The first issue of the RIEV, entirely designed by Jakiunde, is dedicated to Artificial Intelligence.

Nine articles make up the index of number 67, 2 of the RIEV , first carried out by the Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, Jakiunde. The articles address various aspects of the development and impact of Artificial Intelligence, and provide information on the current state of research in this field as well as its possible implications for the future. They contribute their reflections, all of them in English, Javier Echeverr ay Jesus M. Ugalde (Artificial Intelligence its Potential and Limits) ; Víctor Gómez Pin (Mankind questions its status) ; I aki Pinillos (Artificial Intelligence is created by humans) ; Itziar Alkorta (Five crucial challenges for regulation of Medical Artificial Intelligence) ; Javier Tejada (Artificial Intelligence: From Theodicy to Technodice) ; Naroa Martínez, Uju Agudo and Helena Matute (Human cognitive biases present in Artificial Intelligence) ; Ion Errea and Aran Garc a Lekue (Materials Science Powered by Machine Learning) ; Humberto Bustince (From Artificial Intelligence to Digital Humanities) ; Ignacio Arganda Carreras (Artificial Intelligence its Potential and Limits. Summary) .

As a practical example of the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence, the cover image, the introduction and the abstracts of the articles have been written by ChaptGPT, a great language model trained by OpenAI, under the supervision of Ignacio Arganda Carreras.

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